We have vegan, gluten free, sugar-free, kosher & natural flavors available. Our flavors are homemade with PURE cane sugar NO HFCS or added preservatives.

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Vayla's is a great family-owned business that puts lots of love and passion into their dream, you are always greeted with a smile and always feel at home.. The service is great and the flavors are delicious,me and my son love this place,We go at least twice a week and it's always on point. If you haven't been,I recommend you go.

Miguel Delgado

Adorable place, lots of flavors and toppings to choose from and the staff are very friendly. It's always impecable and of course yummy! I love coming here!

Ana Maria Garces Dapena

If you are tired of the same, old, boring ice cream places, then you MUST go to Vayla's'! The newest snowball, called The "Drino" is lights out! Like chocolate dipped strawberries? Then The "Drino" is for you! You'll be glad you got it.

Ralph Drino Rodriguez-Torres

You walk in and feel instantly refreshed with just seeing the colors on the wall and that snow cone logo. Sooo many flavors to choose from! Family favorites board helps a lot. Plus, the staff doesn't mind suggesting ideas according to your palette preference. I had the 'Rico' which is ridiculously yummy with coconut flavored snow, coconut flakes, dulce de leche and whip. Mmmmmmm! The strawberry is soo tasty and it goes amazing with Nutella topping! Best part? No fructose or corn syrup! Thanks Vayla's. Cant wait to go back!

Maribel Yartu

This is the only place aside from Bahama Buck's that I have found in Miami that has real Hawaiian shaved ice. I'm talking about the snow you get from putting a block of ice in a machine that shaves it into a fine powder. Just like in Hawaii you get the option to add ice cream and toppings to your dessert. And there are plenty of good quality flavors.

Mario Hernandez

I have always loved shaved ice. This one is like eating snow, but with flavors. Delicious. And they can put toppings and candy. I had the lemonade with the sour worms. Mm good.

Maria Nunez

I love this shop! The owners are very friendly and attentive! Their shaved ice is amazing and very refreshing in this Miami weather! I'll definitely be stopping by again and I will also recommed Vayla's to family & friends!

Val Frances